It’s Never too Early to Begin Planning Your Estate

estate planning

BE PREPARED–The Boy Scouts of America hold this motto at their core, and it’s great advice for non-scouts as well. Life has a way of throwing unexpected events at you such as personal injury and divorce (which might result in the need for a name change). The question isn’t if any unforeseen life events will occur, but if you and your loved ones will BE PREPARED for them.

When it comes to making your end-of-life plans and preparing your estate, you will consult with an experienced estate planning attorney to put your plans on paper. Currently, only 55 percent of U.S. adults have a will. Of those Americans with a will, over 90 percent are over age 60. While it’s true that it’s better late than never to make a plan, it’s wise to make sure that you meet with a qualified estate planning attorney to begin estate planning as soon as possible. The estate planning process can take a while, so it’s advisable to start it at a time when you’re healthy and not in immediate need of a will. Getting started with the estate planning process can help you and your family overcome the hardship of life’s unexpected events in many ways. Here are four benefits to estate planning: Continue reading “It’s Never too Early to Begin Planning Your Estate”